Ukraine invasion prompts Russian consul to resign


Executive and political strategist Erin Campbell steps down as Honorary Consul General of British Columbia

Russia’s Honorary Consul General for British Columbia has suddenly resigned.

Erin Campbell, head of venture capital and mining, said Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was the reason.

Campbell declined an interview request, but said via email: ‘This is a very sad day for those who have tried to bridge the gap.’

Campbell is the CEO and founding partner of ECMB Capital, partner in mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring with Raiven Capital and vice president and co-founder of Kanata Clean, a First Nations-led natural gas power plant in Alberta. .

She is also well known in BC politics, as a strategist on several federal Conservative, BC Liberal and Vancouver Non-Partisan Association election campaigns.

In December 2016, Russia’s Ambassador to Canada, Alexander Darchiev, introduced Campbell to Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon and said at a ceremony at the Vancouver Club that his “extensive business experience in Russia and Canada would help enhance two-way trade and investment, as well as regional and people-to-people contacts, particularly between British Columbia and the Russian Far East.

“This will surely benefit Russian-Canadians as a vibrant and important community in a multicultural Canada,” Darchiev said.

At the time, Campbell was chairman of Rare Capital Corp., chairman of Global Energy Metals Corp. and director of Khot Infrastructure.

Oleg Stepanov, the current ambassador to Canada, took office last September. No one from the embassy responded for comment.

The Honorary Consul of Ukraine in British Columbia is lawyer Lubomyr Huculak.

BC Investment Management Corp., the province’s public sector pension fund, will not comment on the state of Russian investments in its $66.6 billion public equity portfolio.

The inventory of holdings up to March 31, 2021 showed $103.25 million worth of shares in state-owned Sberbank, $83.85 million in Lukoil, $32.2 million in Rosneft Oil and $19.16 million dollars in Gazprom.

“We respectfully decline to comment as we do not publicly discuss our investment strategy or specific holdings,” said Gwen-Ann Chittenden, BCI’s vice president of stakeholder engagement.


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