The unfortunate way young Sheldon forever changed the Big Bang theory


After so many years on the air, it’s certainly become clear that just because Sheldon said something on “The Big Bang Theory” doesn’t mean it is. Sheldon’s father, George (Lance Barber), is a typical example of this phenomenon.

In “The Big Bang Theory”, the long-deceased patriarch of the Cooper family is known as a terrible, neglectful, and alcoholic father. However, for many people, “Young Sheldon” transformed George from an oft-maligned memory into a flesh-and-blood character, with his own set of redeeming qualities and disappointing vices.

“I thought Sheldon’s dad was supposed to be a bad guy?” u/chubss123 asked on Reddit, puzzled because George is his favorite character on “Young Sheldon.” This question comes up frequently on Reddit. “I think with everything that’s happened, Sheldon’s memory of his father has been tainted along the way,” Gotis1313 replied, explaining that his mother’s and grandmother’s reactions over the years years influenced how Sheldon felt about his father. “Sheldon as Narrator of YS [is] realizing this and questioning his father again.”

When u/ever_stoned similarly asked, “When can we see the real George Cooper Sr.?” Referring to Adult Sheldon’s description, Wandering_To_Nowhere replied, “I think we’re seeing the ‘real’ George Cooper. The version of Sheldon’s father we’ve been hearing about for years is how Sheldon remembers him, not as he really was.” Skribsbb agreed, saying, “Keep in mind that Sheldon’s descriptions of people’s behavior also haven’t been exactly accurate on TBBT,” later adding, “Sheldon often has a way of describing things from completely exaggerated.”


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