NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC OF AN APPLICATION BY MERGER CLOUD SERVICES, LLC, CERTIFICATES OF PUBLIC CONVENIENCE AND THE NEED TO PROVIDE LOCAL AND INTERCENTER TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES IN THE COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA CAS NO. PUR-2021-00253 On December 2, 2021, Fusion Cloud Services, LLC (“Fusion Cloud”) completed the filing of an application (“Application”) with the State Corporation Commission (“Commission”) for certificates of public utility. provide local and interexchange telecommunications services throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Fusion Cloud has also requested authorization to price its interexchange telecommunications services on a competitive basis in accordance with § 56-481.1 of the Virginia Code (“Code”). Fusion Cloud also requested the Commission to grant Fusion Cloud interim approval to operate as a competitive IXC and local services carrier by December 15, 2021, so that it can begin serving customers for the duration of the present proceedings after the completion of the corporate restructuring the subject of a public service transfer law procedure under Code § 56-88 et seq., in case no. PUR -2021-00252. Copies of the application can be downloaded from the Commission’s website:, or can be obtained from Fusion Cloud by contacting Elizabeth Johnson, Esquire, Edward A. Yorkgitis, Jr., Esquire, and Winafred Brantl, Esquire, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, 3050 K Street NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20007 , [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] By January 19, 2022, any interested person may submit comments on the application electronically by following the instructions on the Commission’s website: scc.virginia.govicasecomments / Submit-Public-Comments. Those who are practically unable to submit comments electronically may file such comments by mail in the United States with the Registrar of the Commission, c / o Document Control Center, PO Box 2118, Richmond, Virginia 23218-2118. All comments should refer to File # PUR-2021-00253. No later than January 19, 2022, any interested person may file a request for a hearing on the Motion with the Registrar of the Commission at Those who in practice cannot file electronically may file a request for a hearing by US mail with the Registrar of the Commission at the address given above. This hearing request should include the email addresses of those parties or their lawyers, if available. Requests for a hearing must include: (i) a clear statement of the interest of the filing party in the proceedings; (ii) a statement of the specific action sought insofar as they are then known; (iii) a statement of the legal basis for such action; and (iv) a precise statement of the reasons why a hearing should be held in this case. All requests for a hearing must refer to file number PUR-2021-00253. Persons requesting a hearing must serve a copy of their request on Fusion Cloud.


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