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If you search online for the word of the year 2021, you will find not one but several.

It should come as no surprise that there has been no consensus on the choice of a single word – not with the current proliferation of research focusing on confirmation bias questioning the decrease in vox populi on virtually all subjects.

So what words has the Big Dictionary chosen to best represent 2021? Merriam Webster chose “vaccine,” her most searched word of the year, while Oxford chose the more hip and abbreviated version, “vax”. Speaking of hip, Collins may have gone too far with the selection of “NFT”, short for “non-fungible token.” In fact, it was a good choice because you immediately want to know Collins’ definition for NFT – “the unique digital identifier that records ownership of a digital asset.” An added benefit of this choice is that it lets people know that “fungible” is actually a word.

Cambridge has opted for “perseverance”, which it defines as “a continuous effort to do or achieve something, even when it is difficult or takes a long time”.

For an example of the word used, Cambridge offers the following: “It took a lot of patience and persistence on all sides to come to an agreement. Another example: “Time and time again, they have shown perseverance in the face of adversity.

You can see how reasonable that was. It took a lot of persistence in 2021 as we continue to be pissed off by COVID-19 and its nasty variants. Perseverance also got us through the pandemonium which was presented under two terms that many of us were introduced to in 2021: “thermal dome” and “atmospheric river”.

Perseverance is certainly a good candidate for Word of the Year in British Columbia. It’s more positive than “catastrophic,” which could easily be a runner-up.

‘Resilience’ has also been popular, although this could be due to the jargon of the 2021 heist, as well as ‘pivot’, ‘cohort’, ‘silo’ (as isolated), ‘new normal’, ‘awakening’ ( sorry Prime Horgan) and “anti-vaxxer” which has become more of an umbrella term used to reject and divide – part of the new normal that we have to move away from or risk being stuck in silos of unawakened cohorts.

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