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The cartoon “OUR 8-8 WACU”, is a newly released document highlighting the importance of social dialogue and tripartism in current development trends.

Although most other writers prefer to use text-based books, the author of this particular book, Jordie-Michel Musoni, continued the storytelling.

He believes that storytelling, cartoons and cartoons are a way to inspire young people to learn more about engaging in decent work that would promote their economic growth.

“We hope this tool will help our members to spread this information, to raise awareness on how people can strive for better and decent jobs that support their economic lives,” he noted.

Chris Rutayisire, the cartoonist who helped put together the book, believes that using cartoons in storytelling requires a lot of flexibility, but yields better results.

“We developed the story and added three subjects in the same story, so we had to be flexible and patient, because there were technical and grammatical errors in the narration, but we managed to achieve it,” he said. he declares.

Olivier Dalichau, the national director of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, which initiated the creation of the book, says it will contribute to social dialogue on the working conditions of Rwandans.

“It is a pleasure for us to commission the writing of this book, which contributes to social dialogue, to improve the working conditions of Rwandans,” he said.

Most readers of the book praised the document and claimed that it can be distributed to schools and universities to ensure it has a wider reach.

The contents of the book are in line with Sustainable Development Goal 8 and this is where the book gets its name.

It also talks about the fundamental conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the 8 most related Rwandan labor laws.

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