Natural resources, the market is expected to drive economic growth first


Jakarta (ANTARA) – State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Erick Thohir stressed that Indonesia’s natural resources and the Indonesian market should be managed and manipulated in such a way as to stimulate its economic growth and not that of other countries.

“We want to use our natural resources for the sake of our economic growth. Our natural resources will eventually run out and become limited for the growth of other countries,” Thohir said during his speech at the virtually monitored Muhammadiyah Malang University on Saturday.

Moreover, Thohir noted that the Indonesian market should not be used for the growth of other nations but rather for its own economic growth by working together to create an ecosystem without sector egos.

“According to President Joko Widodo’s instructions to the downstream natural resources, if we only export raw materials, it will be the same as in the Dutch (colonial) times,” Thohir said.

The colonizers came to Indonesia only to get their hands on its natural resources, such as nutmeg and tobacco, without processing them in the country. It did not create employment opportunities in Indonesia and did not create upstream ecosystems downstream.

“This is what we are now advocating in our ministry and in other state enterprises. We will become the driving force behind this movement,” he added.

Earlier, Thohir urged all parties to maintain and ensure that the Indonesian market is only for its own national economic growth rather than that of other countries.

He stressed that Indonesia is not anti-foreigner, but must first prioritize its market for its own economic growth.

Thohir then pointed out that all elements should protect the Indonesian market as it is expensive and valuable. Indonesia has a huge market and a high sales value that needs to be optimized for the next generations of this country.
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