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Some of my friends have claimed that the network news has a liberal bias. Even more offensive to them, they say that wired news sources are downright bad when describing their favorite cultural icons and political mindsets. Indeed, we could summarize this mistrust of the audiovisual media by the following quote from the one who will remain anonymous.

“I no longer listen to the news; I get the real truth through Facebook.

Today, that statement of faith may seem more than absurd in light of recent revelations from a former Facebook employee turned whistleblower. Facebook has not only allowed the existence of disinformation on its platform, but encourages dispersal in the interest of increasing exposure to their lucrative ads. This policy results in an explosive world of chaos and confusion. Incalculable damage has been done to the institutions of our country and to the health of our fellow citizens. False conspiracy theories are allowed to proliferate under the pretext of promoting free speech. The problem with this hands-off First Amendment approach is that when you jump into this realm of person-to-person information exchange, the Facebook system steers users into increasingly extreme dialogue. Indeed, Facebook users who surf on the platform are becoming radicalized.

This culture of extremist views should come as no surprise. Humans by nature tend to seek out sources that will verify existing beliefs and suspicions. Psychologists call this “confirmation bias”. That’s why progressives tend to look to MSNBC, and conservatives often favor Fox News, Fox Radio, OAN, and NewsMax. Cable networks provide the information the viewer is comfortable listening to while providing just enough spin to allow people to assert the accuracy of their established opinions.

On the other hand, Facebook acts like the “pumping action” of a child’s legs on a swing. As the person puts more and more body action into the downward dive, the swing becomes more and more extreme. If this continues all the way, the swing will begin to form an arc above the top of the support bar. Finally, the swing begins to fall from this untenable position causing the chain to break in the hands of the swinger as a warning to go too far.

With Facebook, there is no warning as we jump from one radical post to another with a provocative increase. These messages are frequently riddled with deception, distortions and outright lies, adding fuel to the fire. Unfortunately, there are a lot of amoral gamers with malicious agendas, and in the world of Facebook, anything goes.

Facebook uses a programmed structure called algorithms that drag users into increasingly alarming and angry stories. Since the suggested user options do not necessarily have to be true, the reader is drawn into a spiraling cycle of aggravation and grievance. Ultimately, Facebook users will talk and act in extravagant, silly, and illegal ways at times.

Facebook appears to be one of the less reliable places to search for specific facts, truth, and news. Renaming the company to Meta doesn’t hide the fact that Zuckerberg has allowed the company to become a gutter where America’s worst is allowed to flow. Yes, he revised it a bit for the 2020 election, but right after that, the sewage valves were turned on full blast again to help him earn over billions of dollars. He should be held accountable, and his business is due to a good old Teddy Roosevelt-style breach of trust. In addition, Congress should ensure proper regulation with better parameters than the mere motive of profit and its conscience. Let’s make health, safety and compliance with our laws a priority in our country again. When “alternative facts” are tolerated as part of the political game, extremists will lead our nation down a divisive, destructive and deadly path.

At a recent rally, a lady from Iowa recently told a reporter that “We are definitely going to wage another civil war.” Some may wonder, in what world does such a calamitous speculation like this take root? Sadly, this is happening in the world of Meta (Facebook), given the glorification of the Confederate States of America. A seditious crowd ablaze with hatred, resentment and inflammatory rhetoric forced its battle flag inside the United States Capitol on January 6. their desperate valley campaign in July 1864.


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