Entrepreneurs Driving National Economic Growth: Deputy Minister


Jakarta (ANTARA) – Domestic entrepreneurs have been a key driver of Indonesia’s economic growth, Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises Pahala Nugraha Mansury said.

Despite a major depression due to unfavorable economic conditions over the past two years, Mansury believes that Indonesia has several sectors that can boost the national economic recovery to achieve positive economic growth.

“We believe that the power of entrepreneurs will be one of the main engines to propel our economic recovery and growth,” he remarked during a webinar for young Muslim entrepreneurs in Jakarta on Thursday.

The deputy minister estimated that public enterprises, although they control a third of the national economy, could not accelerate economic growth without collaboration with private sectors and entrepreneurs, including Muslim entrepreneurs.

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“According to a study, Indonesia needs at least four million entrepreneurs, but our current ratio of entrepreneurs is only at an abysmal percentage of 3.4 percent,” he noted.

The ministry and public enterprises, part of the National Islamic Economic Society, will endeavor to encourage and support residents who seek to start an entrepreneurial career, he noted.

Mansury pointed to the high level of enthusiasm among Indonesian youth and university students to start a business or create a start-up as a positive impetus to accelerate entrepreneurship in the country.

“This is clearly a positive dynamic as we have often heard news about local start-ups with high valuations as others are optimistic that their business will continue to grow,” said remark the Deputy Minister.

The digitalization of technology is also a factor that encourages residents, especially young people, to become entrepreneurs, he added.

“We hope this change of mindset will continue in the future,” Mansury said.

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