Corner closed for five months “New look and more brands”

Corner closed for five months

The construction site in front of the Coin

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Corner closed for five months

“New look and more brands”

As of Monday, the well-known store has suspended all activities – 3.7 million euro project for interiors, facades, products and services

Como temporarily loses one of its traditional shopping arcades: Corner between via Boldoni and piazza Duomo will be closed for refurbishment for approximately five months from tomorrow.

Reason: renewal of the store concept and expansion of the products and services offered to customers. As indicated in a note from the Trade Union of Tourism Trade Services Workers, the Mestre company has decided to invest around 3.7 million euros in the city outlet. An important intervention that will completely change its face.

On the part of the owners, they confirm the interest in enhancing the headquarters of Coin via Boldoni, considered strategic also due to its proximity to Switzerland, focusing on the expansion of the premises and the commercial offer itself. even with the arrival of new brands in the city. We are talking about a real change of outlook aimed at making Coin’s presence in our territory more competitive, betting, after years of falling sales, on the recovery of the distribution sector. The retail world has arguably been among the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, but Coin says it is working and investing for recovery.

While the shutters will be down and the lights turned off on the large Coin stores for the next five months, the Nespresso corner refueling point will continue to be operational for the duration of the works and will be repositioned on the ground floor of the store to be more approachable. The renovation of the location via Boldoni was already planned for 2020, but the Covid began to complicate everything and delay the start of the construction site, thanks to the sales crisis that affected the entire sector.

To carry out the project, the company then resorted to the request of the extraordinary redundancy fund for a “corporate reorganization”. The Cigs started on January 1, 2022 and will last 12 months, i.e. until December 31, 2022, it will concern 30 employees of the Como store which will have to remain closed to allow the restructuring to be carried out safely, therefore the redundancy fund aims to support the ‘use . during the period of inactivity.

“Coin SpA is committed to implementing a program of investment in factories and fixed structures – reads the union note – which will result in the reorganization of the premises with the dual purpose of increasing sales capacity and adapt the stores to the expected customer volumes. Following the implementation of the aforementioned investment program, always according to the intentions of the corporate part, the store will have a new concept, which aims, in a word, to offer customers innovative products and services for personal care and entertainment”.

“Coin will redo both the interiors and the facade of the building – confirms the town planning councilor Mark To throw – This is an important intervention because it redevelops a structure that overlooks Piazza Duomo, in the heart of the city. This represents a clear signal of Como’s attractiveness for investors and bodes well for the future”.


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