A platform that fosters diversity of opinion to find common ground


Millions of people just click or swipe to access local, regional or global news. But it is important to note that all information consumed by readers or viewers may include influential material that should be avoided – and with this in mind, a platform called “Ho Jaye Viral” has been created.

Created by Manavaditya Singh Rathore, this platform aims to distribute content without “subtle propaganda”. According to the platform, the central idea of ​​Ho Jaye Viral is to promote India’s national interests among the youth. He says that conflicts of opinion on certain issues should arise in a democracy, but it is an open discussion that encourages each community to seek sensitivity and a win-win solution, which is ideal in a diverse and multicultural civilization like India.

The motto of this platform is “Don’t miss the truth”. He says the Ho Jaye Viral works to prevent an informed reader from being exposed to fabricated narratives and presenting the multi-layered version of a particular event.

Ho Jaye Viral’s main efforts in recent years have been to cover all sides of the story and let the audience decide what they think of the matter. He says the platform has taken responsibility for initiating a conversation among young people that allows for the exchange of ideas and a wide range of perspectives.

“This approach helps our community take a giant step beyond their own confirmation bias and see the world through different angles and lenses in order to come to a common ground, that is, the truth,” the platform added.

News18.com contacted Rathore, who is the son of Olympic silver medalist and former Union Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, and sought answers regarding the news platform.

Rathore was asked that in India, apart from the youth and young adults, there are people who do not look for an alternative to their favorite news channels or daily newspapers in terms of collecting news. information. So how will Ho Jaye Viral attract this group of people?

In response, he said, “Today, with the advent of cheap internet, everyone has a smartphone, and now there is a strong presence and penetration of high-speed internet, which connect to the digital world. We believe that people of all generations, not just so-called baby boomers, are learning about a more efficient medium where they can receive news with the tap of a finger.

“TV news channels and newspapers can only give you so much information, but the internet can provide instant updates on current events. And the outdated medium becomes even more untrustworthy. as we witness their methods of journalism which lack integral ethics and basic decency, it is not difficult to identify channels which have no credibility and deliver subtle narratives,” Rathore continued.

He added, “But Ho Jaye Viral stands out from this because we provide timely updates on recent events with accuracy and neutrality. Our audience, regardless of their preconceived notion and confirmation bias, can get the bare facts and decide the truth.

“TV news channels are not 100% neutral and newspapers cannot update quickly. Only an online portal has both advantages, and older people will embrace it as they become more exposed to the virtual world. Ho Jaye Viral is the best option for everyone to subscribe to media without inconvenience,” he said.

News18.com also asked how people will trust the content produced by Ho Jaye Viral and how will the platform ensure that the news it produces is 100% accurate?

“Ho Jaye Viral does not identify itself as a news agency. We are a platform that provides arguments from all sides of any topic and starts a conversation among the audience, leaving them thinking,” he said.

“As for our credibility now, we check every fact with on-the-ground journalists from neutral and independent channels like ANI. We do not publish anything based on assumptions or rumors until they are confirmed,” he added.

Rathore added, “The authenticity of any update matters to us because we are not running a fixed narrative that favors the right or the left. Our motivation is to bring people from both wings together and find common ground through discussion.

He concluded by saying that “when people discuss, they find win-win solutions which are desirable”.

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